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Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel Review

Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel

If you’re looking for a sandstone addition to your garden that’s tough and can withstand some pretty tough weather conditions, then the Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel should be at the top of your list. This rain barrel will help you harvest and efficiently use 55 gallons of rainwater and it was molded and designed using a rotational process to get it’s unique shape and durable design. It’s thick material is a UV resistant plastic that has been to perform pretty well by people who have already bought and used it.

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Achla Rain Barrel Review – RB-01 54 gallon

Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel - 54 gallon

Going green is in! Achla Rain Barrels, specifically the Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel – 54 gallon, can blend well with one’s garden as it is color green, adding an aesthetic value to the place. RB-01 54 Gallon has the usual screen to prevent debris and insects to go into the rainwater barrel. It has a hose, 4 feet in length with a thumb valve allowing the hose to be placed on top of the barrel. It is also made up of a sturdy, UV-treated polyethylene barrel, and a flat rear side for stability.

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Fiskars Rain Barrel Review – 5998 Salsa & Salsa II

Fiskars 5998 Salsa II 58 Gallon Rain Barrel with DiverterPro - Spice Granite

It may not have the looks of an oak barrel or a terra cotta planter but rain barrels made by Fiskars, specifically the Fiskars 5998 Salsa and Salsa II Rain Barrels, are top of the line in terms of their smart features and clean designs. It’s a US designed barrel, covered with a UV treated more »

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RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel Review – 50 Gallon

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel With Brass Spigot - Wood Grain

This RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel has an exquisite look of a wooden barrel! It has a flat back to ensure stability when placed against a wall. This 50 gallon barrel also includes a dual overflow hose hook up with a shutoff valve, and a screen to prevent debris and insects going into the barrel.

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Algreen Rain Barrel Review – Agua & Cascata

Algreen 81001 Cascata 65-Gallon Rain Water Collection and Storage System

Rain barrels made by Algreen have the ageless sophistication of a ceramic that would enhance the appearance of one’s garden, and the durability of a roto-molded plastic which can resist extreme temperature without cracking, chipping or fading.

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Kyoto RBSS-75 Gallon Rain Barrel Review

Kyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish

This Kyoto Rain Barrel has a 75-gallon body with a classy sandstone finish that would look great in a garden. With a chic look of a sandstone finish and the sturdiness of a roto molded plastic, this rain barrel is beauty and strength rolled into one!

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