Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel - 54 gallonGoing green is in! Achla Rain Barrels, specifically the Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel – 54 gallon, can blend well with your garden with its green color, adding an aesthetic value to your home.

Where To Buy?

We recommend (check current discounted price) because they usually have the lowest price, they can ship it to you for free, and they have lots of other rain barrels on sale, too.

Features of the Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel – 54 gallon

The RB-01 54 Gallon has the usual screen to prevent debris and insects from going into the rainwater barrel. It has a hose, 4 feet in length with a thumb valve allowing the hose to be placed on top of the barrel. It is also made of a sturdy, UV-treated polyethylene barrel, and a flat rear side for stability.

The best feature of Achla Rain Barrels is the child proof lid, providing peace of mind to parents. It has an overflow tube to divert excess rainwater away from the house, protecting its foundation. It also has a shutoff valve which can be conveniently shut off using a thumb.

Other than the fact that it is easy to assemble, you can link two or more barrels using the linking kit which comes with the barrel, making it easy to increase the volume capacity.

Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel - 54 gallonAchla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel - 54 gallon

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User Reviews of the Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel – 54 gallon

Users are satisfied with Achla Rain Barrels. All the features of a rain barrel plus the fact that its lid is childproof, is an additional thumbs up from parents. The reviews are mostly about the barrel’s usability and safety rather than its appearance.

The people who bought this rain barrel are happy about its simplicity, the ease of which you can assemble it, and the fact that you can join one or more barrels to increase volume capacity.

A couple of reviews mentioned that the hose that comes with the barrel isn’t that high of quality.  It may have a tendency to form kinks that you have to go undo.  This is very easy to replace though.  A number of reviews have mentioned that the barrel has a tendency to split during winter because of the water expanding, although this was not always the case and clearly a user error. You shouldn’t have water stored in your rain barrel during winter to prevent this.

Some have also mentioned that the Achla Rain Barrels are hard to clean because the dividers are permanently situated on top of the barrel, it would be hard for you to put your hands or arms in the barrel.

The reviews for this barrel have done well, though.  We encourage you to click our Amazon link above to read more from users that have actually bought it.  For whatever it is, you should always do good research before buying a product to make sure that it is worth every penny.

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