Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain BarrelIf you’re looking for a sandstone addition to your garden that’s tough and can withstand some pretty tough weather conditions, then the Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel should be at the top of your list.  This rain barrel will help you harvest and efficiently use 55 gallons of rainwater and it was molded and designed using a rotational process to get it’s unique shape and durable design.  It’s thick material is a UV resistant plastic that has been to perform pretty well by people who have already bought and used it.


Where To Buy?

We highly recommend Amazon.com (check current discounted price) because they usually have the lowest price and they can get it to you with free shipping, which is really nice for a big product like this.

Has Convenient Features

The fact that the barrel is UV resistant is pretty important because that will ensure that it’s material won’t crack, chip, or fade over years of normal use.  Of course, in harsh freezing conditions, you’ll want to make sure that you drain the barrel so that the expanding water doesn’t crack the barrel.  The Koolatron RBSS-55 also features a screen guard on top of the barrel that will keep leaves and debris that you don’t want inside the barrel.  You can also attach any standard threaded hose to its pre-threaded spigot.

Designed Well

Even though it’s made out of a thick UV plastic, it can certainly look authentic and add some real elegance to your back yard or garden.   It’s rounded design is important to its sustainability over the long haul so the manufacturers wanted to make sure it retained that idea and put balancing pegs on the bottom of the barrel for balance.

Features of the Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel

  • UV resistant thick plastic designed to be durable and withstand the elements
  • Authentic sandstone looking finish
  • Includes screen guard
  • Built-in threaded brass spigot so you can attach a hose or use to fill a watering can
  • Has drain plug on bottom of the barrel
  • Weighs about 18 pounds
  • Dimensions are 23.5″ x 23.5″ x 35.5″
Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel 2Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel 3

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What Customers Are Saying About The Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel

This rain barrel has been on the market for a while and it currently has 16 reviews on Amazon.com with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good for an item like this.

Many of the reviewers on Amazon.com said that they really did do a lot of research to find what would fit their garden the best, and a lot of them kept coming back to this particular model.  They decided to buy from Amazon because they had the lowest price with free shipping.

Most of the positive comments talk about how attractive the design of the barrel it is.  They like that it’s a simple design that isn’t very distracting.  One customer reviewed the barrel after she bought it, and then came back 18 months later saying that she was very happy with her purchase and that they decided to buy another one for their front yard.  A lot of them also appreciate that it has a drain plug on the bottom to help those with freezing temperatures.

There were some comments that the actual color is a little bit darker than what is shown in the picture.  They say that it definitely has a more brownish color to it.

Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple non-distracting rain barrel.  It’s well worth it for the price.

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