Kyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-FinishCurrently, there are a lot of designs to choose from if you’re looking to add a rain barrel to your garden or backyard. For that zen look, you may want to check out the Kyoto Rain Barrel. With its sand stone finish, it will surely look fabulous and will blend well with anyone’s garden.

Where’s The Lowest Price?

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Features of the Kyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel

This Kyoto Rain Barrel has a 75-gallon body with a classy sandstone finish that would look great in a garden. With a chic look of a sandstone finish and the sturdiness of a roto-molded plastic, this rain barrel is beauty and strength rolled into one!

The RBSS-75 has a brass spigot that will last forever and an over-flow spout that diverts water away from your home. It also has a corrosion proof screen that will would filter out debris and insects. It also has a drain plug on the bottom which can be easily cleaned.

Kyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish

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User Reviews of the Kyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel

People who had the chance of owning the Kyoto Rain Barrel are only saying good things about it. They’ve mentioned that they are more than satisfied with the chic sandstone finish that appears to be an expensive stone pottery.  They love that it has a spigot in the ideal place for filling up water cans. It is also simple to assemble with no complicated tubes to work with. As some users have mentioned, the Kyoto Rain Barrel is a “godsend”. Sophistication, precision, and affordability are words being used to describe it. 

The Kyoto Rain Barrel doesn’t actually come with a diverter like most rain barrels.  However, owners of it are happy about that.  This is a rain barrel that you just take out of the box and it’s read to go.  You can put it out in an area of the house where water falls the most or just out in the middle of your garden to catch rainwater.  Some of the users were glad that they weren’t using water that feel from their own roof.

There were a few complaints, of course, but not many. A number of users have mentioned that the screen that accompanied the barrel has bigger meshes so some bugs  and insects can pass through and into the barrel.

As mentioned before, there are different types of rainwater barrels or rainwater harvesters. To get the right rainwater barrel for your garden or lawn, it would be best to do some researching. Look for the best deals. Check out the features of the rainwater barrel and be sure to read the reviews of others. Experience is still the best teacher.

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