Looking for rain barrels for sale?  We’ve got you covered.  We went out and found the top 4 performing and most popular rain barrels that people are currently buying for residential use.  Then, we made sure we found the lowest discount with shipping included.  For all of these rain barrels for sale, the lowest price was almost always at Amazon.com.  These are not ranked based on our opinions at all, strictly popularity and sales.  Click on the titles to see more pictures and their current price.

Our Favorite Rain Barrels For Sale

Algreen 81002

Algreen Agua 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection and Storage System

This 50 gallon rain barrel is the best looking system that we can find.  It’s made out of roto molded plastic that’s thick and won’t crack or chip on you.  The top of the rain barrel is equipped with a screen guard to filter out debris.  It also gives you the option of planting your own planter for more aesthetic reasons.  What’s different about this rain barrel compared to others is that it doesn’t come with a brass spigot.  Rather, it has a 4-foot hose that stems out from the bottom that comes with a shut off valve.  This item has great reviews, too.

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel With Brass Spigot - Wood GrainRTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot

The coolest part about this rain barrel is it’s looks.  It’s another hard plastic barrel that’s designed to look like a real oak wooden barrel.  Many of the reviewers say they get plenty of compliments on it.  It has the standard features of a screen guard, brass spigot with shut off valve, and holds 50 gallons of water.  What sets it apart is that it has a dual overflow system at the top of the barrel, and it has a flat back so that it can sit against a wall nicely.

Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain BarrelKyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel

Everything about this Kyoto Rain Barrel screams durability.  It’s made using a rotational molding plastic process with a sandstone finish.  It also has a brass spigot that you can connect your garden hose to, has an overflow spout, and a drain plug on the bottom.  What’s sets it apart is the corrosion proof screen guard.  Many other rain barrels have screen guards that will rust and wear out over time.  The Kyoto Rain Barrel has a hard plastic screen guard that will last forever.  If you need a sand stone appearance, this is your rain barrel.  Oh, it also holds a whopping 75 gallons.

Fiskars 5998 Salsa II 58 Gallon Rain Barrel with DiverterPro - Spice Granite

Fiskars 5998 Salsa II 58 Gallon Rain Barrel with DiverterPro

This is a very simple looking rain barrel, but EXTREMELY functional.  It’s pretty durable, made with a UV-treated impact resistant polyethylene.  The DiverterPro system is one that installs in your gutter and automatically filters out leaves and other debris.  It will detect when your rain barrel is full and allow water to continue down the gutter instead of going into the rain barrel.  It also fits snugly against your wall with a flat back and has the normal spigot that every other rain barrel has.


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