Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel - 54 gallon

Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel - 54 gallon - Click for more at

In our present age, the scarcity of resources is fast becoming a problem in many areas of the globe. Fresh water is one of the most precious commodities and many urban areas are now facing problems as how to supply the city’s demands for fresh water that can be used everyday for washing and drinking. Groundwater is not always available in many areas and people have tried looking for other sources. The answer was heaven-sent, literally! Many communities are now using rainwater and have installed rainwater harvesting systems outside their homes. This process is simply collecting water from a downpour, storing it in water tanks, and then purifying it so that it can be safe enough to use.  If you’re looking for popular rain barrels, has many.

People might think that this is a modern innovation. They might be surprised that rainwater harvesting systems have existed since ancient times. In fact, archeologists believe that some civilizations that were located far from huge bodies of water depended on rainwater harvesting to survive.

Kyoto RBSS-75 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone-Finish

Kyoto RBSS 75-Gallon Rain Barrel - Click for more at

In ancientEgypt, underground cisterns, or water tanks, were built around the desert and hidden in huge rock structures. This enabled the Egyptian armies to survive in the desert while invading nearby areas.

However, it was the Greeks, and later the Romans, who immortalized the importance of rainwater harvesting systems in history. They built huge structures that collected water with complicated gutters and canals that delivered it to the homes of the wealthy and in public fountains. This was adopted by theRoman Empire, and was carried on to the rule of the Byzantines. In fact, there is still an existing giant cistern inIstanbul today, the Yerebatan Sarayi, built by Justinian during his rule over theHoly Roman Empire. This underground structure was once used to collect rainwater from the huge cities and into the columns of the huge tank. People once used the water collected from the Yerebatan Sarayi for drinking purposes but pollution has contaminated the water stored inside.

Algreen 81001

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Malta is another country that has a long history of using rainwater harvesting system. Aqueducts systems were built around the island to support its growing population’s needs for clean water.Afghanistan has also built many water tanks to store rainwater, which is commonly used by many as drinking water.

Today, people are still using rainwater harvesting systems to acquire clean water. But of course, today’s systems are far more complicated than the systems before. People have engineered different components that can be used to filter the water in the tanks. The water goes through several stages before it can be safe enough to use for gardening or your lawn. Of course additional precautions are applied to make sure that the rainwater is not polluted and does not contain any toxins that it might have picked up through the gutters and surfaces. Installing a rainwater harvesting system doesn’t have to be expensive, many you can install yourself.

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